by Blind Lion

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Winter is Blind Lion's second EP, released only 3 months after the release of Autumn. Winter is a much darker, and angrier EP than Autumn, drawing influences from the likes of Citizen, Brand New, and Sorority Noise.


released December 21, 2016

All songs written, mixed, mastered, and produced by Larry Flatley



all rights reserved


Blind Lion Bridgewater, New Jersey

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Track Name: Brumous
Why are you like this?
Pathetic and torn
You have to fight this
Stop falling on your sword

You have to stop this.
Save you from yourself
Promise you'll fight this,
You could be so much better.

I know that you know.
I know you know, but still you keep asking
Why are you like this?
Track Name: Therapy
I think I’ll pack my things up, and move to Philadelphia.
Maybe a change of setting could fix my head and lift my spirits some.

Lately I’ve felt pressure to get better from the ones I love.
I’m taking steps to get there.
I swear and promise,
I haven’t given up.

So please don’t stress,
I will be fine.
I’m told that things will get better with time.

I’ve no more aspirations, but I do have dreams.
They’re of falling, failing, slipping, and running out of weed.
Cracks in my windshield conceal where I ought to be.
I pay someone to try and fix it though,
I see them weekly.

I’ve no more aspirations, but i do have drinks.
A Whisky, Gin and Tonic, what more could I need?
My mother tells me that I’m not where I should be.
It must be just past those mountains,
over which I cannot see.
Track Name: Thaw
Don't look at me,
I am not someone who can save you.
Hell, I can't even save myself.
I feel as if I lost all direction,
Maybe I'm worthless.
Do I deserve this?
It's gone too far to just dismiss.
I'm sure you're sick of all my self-deprecation, but shit.
Not sure how else to get my point across.

One more year down the drain,
as I still watch the rain come pouring down

As I look around me now, I wonder why I wanted this.
All the things I believed when I was young were full of shit.
This is not what I had dreamed, no.
The voice in my head screams, "just let go."

December will get colder,
come January I'll be frozen.
I'm searching for a sun to thaw me out.
Track Name: Winter
Sometimes it makes me wonder, where does the line get drawn?
It's taking too damn long.
Can't keep from going under, the sea is swallowing me
I just need some room to breathe.

You don't understand.

It takes more than just bad luck,
to end up using pills and powders as a crutch.
When you can't make it through the day,
they'll say that it all will be okay.

"Chin up", they say.
"it's just a phase, like winter
It will just come to pass."
But they don't know,
It's not a phase like winter,
It won't just come to pass.

Like winter, the snow will blow over.

Just take another pill.
I bet you fucking will.
Weak and mistreated, and you will not beat it, no.
This worlds an ugly place, so you better brace
yourself for the worse,
or end up in a hearse.

It really makes me wonder, where will that line be drawn?
It's taking far too long,
Can't keep from going under, the sea is swallowing me
Please, just give me room to breathe.

Can't keep from going under.